Course Description

In this studio course students will engage individually and within thematic clusters to encounter, deconstruct, detangle, and develop novel designs using emerging technologies that impact humans, culture, ethics, the environment, and/or society at large. Students will engage deeply on themes collectively within small clusters of students with shared visions. Individually, students will engage in semester-long iterative development of a focused, design exploration with intellectual depth, technical rigor, ethical and social justice lens, and visual polish. Studio work will be a series of progessive milestones of work culminating in a final studio exhibition of work and formal critique.


Course: DESINV 213
Studio: M+W 9 AM –12 in 210 Jacobs Hall
Instructor: Professors Eric Paulos + Danika Cooper + Yoon Bahk
GSI: Eric Rawn
MDes Critique: 13-15 December during Finals week
Public Showcase Thursday 15 December 3pm-6pm


Students work on self-selected and directed projects. Projects are placed into clusters to form cohesive collections of similarly scoped projects. These are not team-based works but rather themes of studio work. The themes that were arrived on by students for Fall 2022 Studio are:

  • Active Matter
  • Spatializing Data
  • Democratizing Mental Health
  • Internal Worlds
  • Blurring Boundaries, Connecting Realities (BBCR)
  • Beyond the Interface
  • Dynamic Methods of Interaction
  • The Best Assistant/Friend for You!

Cluster Advisors

Cluster Advisors are outside experts brought into the studio to engage directly with studio and closely with specific clusters.

Subject Experts

Subject Experts are additonal experts in specific domains that are also brought into the studio to work with individual clusters.

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