Submitting a Programming Assignment

Setting up to submit assignments

High level description. You have a bitbucket repo specifically for submitting assignments. You will be adding us (cs160-staff) as a collaborator in your private repo. We would like your repo directory to have a similar structure. For that, we'd like you to clone our example repo at hw-prog-submissions.

Why BitBucket? BitBucket allows accounts to have unlimited private repos. GitHub limits this to 5 per (student) user. Since many of you have already used those 5, we decided to use BitBucket.

New to git version control? Take the 15 minute crash course.

One-time process

  • If you don’t have a bitbucket account, create a bitbucket account.
  • Create a new repo called: hw-prog-submissions-firstname-lastname
  • Do not clone that repo.
  • Set up your SSH keys if you have not done so already. If you choose to skip this step, use the https:// version of the clone signature. Setting up SSH keys is a way of the computer "remembering your password" to your bitbucket account. That way, you won't be prompted each time you push/pull for your credentials. Security wise, it is an example of symmetric encryption. Check out this video to learn more: VID.
  • Clone the following repo:: hw-prog-submissions
  • Change the remote of that repo to hw-prog-submissions-firstname-lastname
    • git remote rm origin
    • git remote add origin<username>/hw-prog-submissions-firstname-lastname.git
  • Navigate to your Bitbucket repo settings page
    • Settings → Access Management
    • Give cs160-staff admin access to your repo.
  • Do not give access to anyone else to your repo.
  • Update the repo main directory README.

Submitting assignments

  • Push to your repo.
  • GSIs and Readers will look at the most recent commit.

Update the README file of the specific assignment if you are deciding to use a late day.