We are excited to be offering CS160 in Fall 2020. As you realize we are in unprecedented times and we ask that everyone be flexible and "plastic" for our Fall 2020 offering of CS160. The most up to date info concerning enrollment, technology, attendance, etc can be found on our FAQ.

Course Description

CS160 is an introduction to Human Computer Interaction (HCI). You will learn to prototype, evaluate, and design a user interface. You will be expected to work within a gteam of students in this project-based course. Your project topic will be proposed by your group and your project design and implementation will follow a human-centered process. The final result will be an interactive prototype of a novel user experience carefully tailored to the needs of your intended users.

In contrast to most of the other CS classes at Berkeley, CS160 does not primarily focus on particular algorithmic techniques or computer technologies. Instead, the focus of the course is on developing a broad set of skills needed for user-centered design. These skills include ideation, needs assessment, communication, rapid prototyping, algorithmic implementation and evaluation.

Lectures: Mon+Wed 10:30AM – 12:00PM
Instructor: Professor Eric Paulos
Online discussions: Piazza
Contacting GSIs: via bCourses
Public Showcase: Wed 9 Dec during RRR week (see syllabus)
Final Presentations: Tue 8 Dec during RRR week (see syllabus)
Final Materials Due Friday 11 Dec at 11:59PM

Course Staff

Office Hour Section
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