5% Participation

    In-class participation grades are based on whether you productively contribute to the classroom and/or online discussions related to the class.


    25% Reading Responses

    Students should submit short Reading response of each reading using bCourses. Reading Responses are due by 5:00 pm the night before class; late commentaries will not be accepted.

    Reading Responses will be graded on a check-minus/check/check-plus scale by the discussant leader(s). These scores correspond to 3, 4, and 5 points.

    We will ignore the two lowest-scoring reading responses grades. This implies that each student may opt to pass on approximately four commentaries (two days x two papers per day). You may pass for any reason (e.g., personal or family matters, conflicting deadlines). There are no exemptions beyond this. These exempted commentaries should be specifically noted as being passed on.


    10% Lead Discussant

    You will lead a discussion for at least one class day.

    60% Research Project

    Students will complete a semester-long mini-research project in groups of 3. We encourge students to choose projects that are related to their own research or another research project on campus. Leveraging ongoing research increases your speed and ability to define a good project, and enables you to leverage existing software and hardware infrastructure. You may also explore a new research area as a risk taking research adventure.  In general, all members of the team will receive the same grade. However, if there is a significant contribution disparity, that will be reflected in the grade.The grade for the Research Project portion of the class will be broken up as follows:

    5% Project Ideas

    5% Project Abstract Draft

    5% Project Mini-Showcase

    20% Project Final Presentations

    25% Project Final Paper